About Us

About Us

Origin of ‘Operation Orion’

The story of Orion revolves around 2 main characters, Orion and Taurus. Orion and Taurus are star constellations which can be observed next to each other in the night sky. According to astronomers, Orion symbolizes a hunter who fights courageously against the charging bull, Taurus.

Our operation was named after Orion in hopes that we, as a team will have the audacity to fearlessly face adversities that come our way during the process. We thus hope to instil in every member of our team this true fighting spirit of Operation Orion.


Operation Orion enables students to broaden their horizons by providing them with an insight into the lives and cultures of our neighbours through Community Involvement Projects. The project has obtained endorsement from the Department of Civil Engineering of NUS.

With the endorsement from the Department of Civil Engineering of NUS (ceclub.sg) and strong support from our university, our future young leaders are able to complete their education with improved cultural sensitivity and understanding.

Our Logo

The logo is made of the letters ‘O, C, and S’, which stands for Overseas Community Service. In addition, the logo takes the form of 2 people embracing, symbolising the fostering of friendship and goodwill spirit among Singaporean youths and their counterparts.

Our Slogan

Aspire, Perspire, Inspire

Operation Orion 2000 was a huge success as it touched the lives of the people in Yangon, Myanmar. The completion of 7 houses and a playground brought smiles to the locals and forged strong ties between the 2 countries.

Every year, Operation Orion hopes to carry on the burning enthusiasm of our pioneers and bring smiles and happiness to the locals of our neighbouring countries.

We Aspire to emulate them and bring smiles to our neighbours.

We will leave the comforts of our homes and Perspire for a good cause. We hope that through our efforts, we will be able to introduce sustainable improvements in the working and living conditions of the locals.

We also hope that the continued success of Operation Orion will Inspire Singapore youths to take up such meaningful community services and lend a hand to those who need our help.

 Past Locations:

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