Orion Alumni Network (OAN) is an alumni club for all members of Operation Orion. The club aims to connect past and present batches of Orion members as well as to provide a platform for the alumnus to give back to society through community service.


To connect past and present Orion members, providing networking opportunities for mutual support.
To connect Orion members and the community, providing a strong Orion identity for inspiration.


To be an enduring Orion family that continues to give beyond self.

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Hi all!

Remember the Orion Alumni Network(OAN) that I briefly mentioned in a post before? Well, plans have been firmed up a little since then and the OAN, headed by our very own Project Director and Vice Project Director of Orion’11, is starting to take root.

The OAN is basically a network that allows Orion members of the past, present and future to get together, so that we can continue on the friendships and family ties borne through Orion.

Since we are building up the OAN from scratch, there are a number of fundamental issues we have to iron out before we start, such as the direction of the OAN and its purpose. Thus, there is going to be a series of OAN meetings for its committee members starting very soon.

With this initiative, I’m sure that the Orion members will be able to get together, have fun and relive our Orion journey more frequently, keeping the Orion spirit alive no matter how many years have passed 🙂