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Operation Orion is a unique, student-initiated community service project endorsed by NUS Civil Engineering Club

Operation Orion

Operation Orion

Our operation was named after Orion in hopes that we, as a team will have the audacity to fearlessly face adversities that come our way during the process. We thus hope to instil in every member of our team this true fighting spirit of Operation Orion.

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Operation Orion 2022

In its 23rd year, Operation Orion 2022 embarked on a trip to Vietnam.


Our Favourite Memories

  • My favourite memory of Orion has to be the last few days of building the reservoir!! It was evident that everyone was running low on energy and aching all over, yet we pushed each other and never let the mood be negative! Even the locals joined us in singing and dancing hehe 😁Our concerted effort made the completion of the reservoir on the last day so worth it, and the smiles all around remain a memory I will treasure 😀

    Rasyif, 18/19
  • My favourite moment of Orion was when the entire team was tasked to be at the reservoir site (we were usual split into three teams for the three different sites). Being able to see the site being completed bit by bit at the end of every hour, and at the end of the day showed that we as a complete team of Orion, are capable of finishing things we set out to do, with the help of the locals of course!!! And the sight of our canter (the truck) waiting for us at the site to fetch us back was always pleasant because every ride was WILD, and the hikes down the path were pretty spectacular too ☺️

    Trina, 18/19
  • There was once Tito (Uncle) Ping Ping was bringing us to his secret spot on top of a hill. He then asked me whether I knew of the song ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon and of course I did. So, he began to talk to me about the song and how much he loved the song and what it represents. We then started to discuss whether world peace would ever be achievable and what needs to be done to achieve it. It was really amazing to share such a conversation with someone who lives in another country with completely different lifestyles, and yet realise that our mindsets are quite similar. We sang the song on the way up to his secret spot.

    Taufiq, 17/18
  • My favourite memory of Orion 2018 is definitely the friendships and bonds that were forged during the trip. Away from the bustling and technology-filled city life, everyone stepped out of their comfort zone and into a foreign environment. We had set a goal of accomplishing 3 projects – we persevered and motivated each other despite tough times such as having to pull a lorry up the steep hill or manually mixing cement. These hardships allowed us to bond together into a family. At the end of a hard day’s work, all we did was sit around and laugh about the memories we had and the bonds we share.

    Marcus, 17/18

Orion Goes Beyond

Orion is much more than just an operation – the exchange of cultures and the formation of genuine connections sets us apart from others.

NUS Orion Alumni Network

Orion Alumni Network (OAN) is an alumni club for all members of Operation Orion. The club aims to connect past and present batches of Orion members as well as to provide a platform for the alumnus to give back to society through community service.

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NUS Orion Alumni Network

Past Operation Orion Projects

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